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OOTD Cowok Fashion Street ala Citayam Fashion Week

Fashion street adalah gaya fashion yang biasanaya orang gunakan sehari-hari dan identik dengan pakaian ketika saat jalan-jalan. Item yang biasanya orang gunakan cenderung lebih santai dan casual, namun juga bisa juga ada kombinasi dengan berbagai item formal seperti kemeja atau blazer. 

Street style semakin berkembang sampai negara lain, termasuk Indonesia. Belum lama ini, masyarakat Indonesia juga ramai dengan istilah Citayam Fashion Week yang sedang menjadi perbincangan publik pada tahun 2022 kemarin. Citayam Fashion Week muncul karena banyak anak remaja dari kawasan Bojong Gede dan Citayam yang berkumpul dalam kawasan Sudirman, Stasiun BNI City dengan gaya pakaian menarik mereka. Berikut ini kami ada beberapa OOTD cowok fashion street ala Citayam Fashion Week yang mungkin bisa menjadi inspirasi untuk kalian tampil lebih keren dan nyentrik.

1. Tampil Lebih Cool dengan Hoodie dan Kacamata Hitam (Fashion Street) 

Salah satu pilihan OOTD ala Citayam Fashion Week ini juga bisa menjadi ide layering outfit menarik untuk kalian cobain. Cukup hanya padukan t-shirt dengan luaran hoodie, wide leg pants, lalu jangan lupakan gunakan sneakers. Biar makin tambah stylish, tambahkan juga beberapa aksesoris fashion seperti kacamata hitam dan topi.

2. Outfit Serba Hitam yang Super Edgy (Fashion Street) 

OOTD menggunakan outfit serba hitam juga bisa menjadi ide keren untuk kalian yang ingin tampil fashionable saat Citayam Fashion Week. Kalian juga bisa mix and match turtleneck berwarna hitam lalu dobelin jaket bomber dengan warna senada. Setelah itu, lengkapi dengan celana jeans berwarna hitam dan sneakers yang nyaman.

3. Tampil Sporty dengan Hoodie Jumper

Menggunakan Hoodie jumper memang selalu menjadi pilihan item favorit para pria. Dengan hoodie jenis jumper, kalian juga bisa tampil lebih keren dan sporty tanpa perlu ribet lho. Cukup padukan aja dengan wide leg pants dan sneakers, penampilanmu akan terlihat stylish dalam setiap kesempatan.

4. Bergaya Nyentrik dengan Outfit Bermotif

Jika kamu ingin tampil lebih nyentrik dan tidak monoton atau gitu-gitu aja, memadukan t-shirt berwarna hitam dengan blazer bermotif dan celana tartan bisa menjadi ide menarik untuk kamu coba. Kamu bisa lengkapi outfit ini dengan waist bag andalanmu dan topi bermotif. Perpaduan gaya outfit ala Bonge ini bisa memberikan kesan nyentrik yang tidak biasa.

5. Pakai Blazer untuk Tampil Kasual dan Formal

OOTD fashion street ala Citayam Fashion Week kali ini akan mengkombinasikan atasan turtleneck berwarna putih bersama blazer warna hitam. Kamu juga bisa pilih sneakers untuk memberikan kesan kasual dan santai pada penampilanmu. Outfit dengan nuansa monokrom ini juga bisa kamu coba untuk tampil casual namun tetap keliatan formal.

6. Bergaya Santai dengan Kemeja Lengan Pendek dan Celana Chino

Buat kalian yang ingin tampil keren ala Citayam Fashion Week tapi tidak mau ribet, bisa padukan aja kemeja lengan pendek berwarna hitam dengan celana chinos.Tambahin juga aksesoris  seperti kacamata hitam dan waist bag untuk memberikan kesan keren pada penampilanmu.

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Stylish Dresses to Buy Online Stores

Stylish Dresses: If you’re looking for an internet keep as a way to offer you elegant attire at throwaway prices, then this text is for you. Buying elegant garments is true, however shopping for elegant garments at a reasonably-priced fee is a skill, which we are able to offer you within this text. There are lots of Stylish Dresses apparel shops on the Internet as a way to offer you fantastic, eye-catching, and tremendous garments at a completely reasonably-priced fee.

Surfing the Internet for hours, locating branded garments will take hours, however, this may not. Some style websites and online shops like Myntra, Amazon, Lulus, and J.Crew Factory are attracting clients due to their incredible inventory and reasonably-priced rate. Let’s awareness of a number of those online shops.
List of Online Stores to Buy Stylish Dresses at throwaway prices

In this segment, we are able to speak online shops to shop for elegant attire at a reasonably-priced rate.


If you’re searching out comfortable but latest pieces, then Lulus is the one-forestall Slot Gacor vicinity. It has a few incredible boho-shaped, inexpensive apparel as a way to win your heart. You also can look for regular apparel, swimwear, bodysuits, and event-put on attire on this platform. Lulus additionally preserve a first-rate series of jewelry bags, scarves and shoes, and splendor merchandise.


This keep offers lots of merchandise together with swimwear, splendor merchandise, add-ons, shoes, and faculty bags. The first-rate component approximately this keep is that it offers merchandise budget-pleasant without compromising the first-class of the merchandise. Kohl’s has a huge variety of sizes, with younger and latest alternatives The splendor segment of this keep is likewise incredible and latest.

eBay and Etsy

This online keep is my favorite keep due to many reasons. This keeps selling without delay to the clients, without the interference of any overseas manufacturers. The logo focuses greater on re-promoting the used gadgets. There is a top-class series of antique gadgets, homemade gadgets that could trap your interest easily.


If you need boutique-fashion apparel, rings, and garments at a completely reasonably-priced rate, then Francesca’s is for you. You also can seize a cute segment of splendor merchandise and home-décor merchandise. This website/online keep is female, wallet-pleasant, and really well worth shopping for which you need to in reality take a look at out.


Modcloth is an Indian-stimulated online style keep that has a completely precise series of gifts, add-ons, and shoes. You can order your favorite elegant attire in a single cross, with a few interesting offers. The keep genuinely comes beneath neath the house décor category, however, it has a few unique attire as a way to make your day. The keep is heaven for plus-sized people, due to its lovely series of plus-sized attire.


Searching for a platform that has a combined series of workwear staples and sportswear, if yes, then this keep could be your remaining look for this on the Internet. You get the first-rate from the relaxation beneath neath $100, with a most between $40-$eighty variety. The first-class of merchandise is really well worth mentioning so that it will in no way disappoint you. The keep has a top-class series of jewelry, swimwear, and workwear so that it will right away seize your interest.


The massive online purchasing mart has a few branded collections of apparel to be had all over the world. There are limitless filters and classes which you may take a look at on this platform. The style, accessory, and grocery massive have heaps of alternatives to choose from, especially with regard to fashion and size. You will in no way leave out the possibility to seize the unique gives that run constantly on


Myntra is the Asian Fashion massive online keep together along with your favorite, elite-elegance latest garments. Myntra headquarters are in Bangalore, however, the organization has efficaciously won everyone’s trust. The online style keep has an awesome series of splendor merchandise, latest garments, and add-ons. The keep is well-known for its celebration attire and sportswear.


ZARA is a budget-pleasant, on-trend, online style keep with a few interesting offers and collections. You will in no way be disenchanted via way of means of the gathering and first-class of Zara. The logo has its personal goodwill, which you may see in their keep. If maintained well, you may keep up Zara garments for years. The keep has a very precise series, accordingly, it turns into critical so one can pick what fits you first-rate. Skinny jeans, lengthy coats, and elegant ballet apartments are the specialties of this logo.


Mango iciness sweaters are my private favorite series over another logo. The pricing and the first-class cross one in a single, however, this logo will in no way disappoint you. The logo has one greater precise function and it’s miles its tremendous handbag. The online keep additionally has a few top-class collections of handbags, shoes, and rings. If you’re searching out any diffused design, or workwear, then the Mango logo is for you. You can discover mango merchandise over other structures additionally like Myntra, Amazon, and others.


Baublebar, a one-forestall vicinity for extremely good rings and elegant attire. The vicinity is complete of the modern-day rings tendencies which consist of earrings, necklaces, and the whole thing. The online style keeps additionally has a set of add-ons like bags, scarves, sunglasses, and different matters. You can seize a few ultra-wearable garments from this style and keep them at a completely reasonably-priced rate. The elegant tendencies of this style keep will in no way exit fashion withinside the close to future. To be honest, the shop is greater well-known for its ring content material in preference to its elegant attire, however, aside from this fact, Buablebar in no way compromises Daftar Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya the first-class of its attire.


The keep has a few elegant, precise, collections of elegant attire. It is one of the cross-to shops for practical, but elegant clothing. I even have bought a few clothing from this keep that are ultra-mild down jackets and a health line for chillier months, and they arrive out to be the first-rate choice. The first-class became true consistent with the rate and overall, it became comfy with fashion. Uniqlo is likewise regarded for its elite series of female skits, undergarments, loungewear, and different intimates. You will in no way be disenchanted together along with your buy at this keep.


Heaven for plus-sized women. You get the whole thing you need from intimates to activewear, swimwear, and add-ons. The style massive has a simply true series of elegant attire, Red Corset Dress, to be had at a completely reasonably-priced rate.


This logo is a pioneer withinside the subject of fashion and style. The logo in no way compromises the first-class of its merchandise. Although maximum of the matters is overpriced right here, they’re really well worth it. You get the whole thing right here from adorable tops to fantastic attire, rings, and scarves. The designers in the back of the very last merchandise of H&M are simply certified and professional which makes this logo greater trustworthy.

Forever 21

If you’re speaking approximately elegant attire and overlook Forever 21, you then definitely are in trouble. This online keep has a few top-class collections of aesthetics which can be priced at a completely low fee as expected. The go-back rules of this logo have additionally marked a splendid effect on people’s minds. This final fast-style vacation spot is really well worth visiting.

So, right here are a number of web-style shops from which you may purchase elegant attire at throw-away prices. These manufacturers will in no way compromise with the first-class of the product due to the fact they had been withinside the marketplace for a protracted length of time. Comment down your favorite online style keeps down below.